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Donkey Rides & Services

At this stage we are doing led trail rides through the Yarra State Forest. We are doing these with our fabulous donkey, Murphy.

So, on arrival, you meet and cuddle our lovely Murphy and any other donkeys that poke their sticky beak nose your way.
Then we saddle him up and you climb aboard. You will sit in a saddle and have reins to hold, but I also have a lead rope and I walk alongside as you ride along. Of course, I don't really need to lead him. I am just keeping a loose hold on the rope for safety. We plod along like this for as long as you like. 1 hour, 2 hours, whatever you like. We charge $40 per hour for this type of ride, and we can take adults or children, but there are weight limits. No riding experience is necessary, we will give you a briefing at the start of the ride.

We walk up through the Yarra State Forest (or other locations can be negotiated), and along the walk you will see rich, thick and beautiful Australian bush. Often you will see lovely birds, black cockatoos, fantails, lyrebirds and more. Sometimes we see wallabies or goannas. It really is an Australian experience which allows you to absorb the country we love at a liesurely pace.

If you come as a group, you can take turns riding around in our orchard while the rest of you watch on and take photographs. I can also come and do donkey rides at your market or event, terms and conditions to be negotiated on request. Our tour guides are very experienced in handling donkeys, have a current first aid certificate, and a working with children check. We have public liability cover and can produce a certificate of cover as required.

We have a medley of donkeys in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most of these donkeys are thoroughly desensitized and therefore suitable for all sorts of applications. Whether you have an event, a theatre show or a film that you believe could feature a donkey, then talk to us about which donkey may best suit your needs. All of our donkeys are insured and we are happy to do additional training with them for specific roles.