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About our Trail Donkeys - Donkey Rides Yarra Ranges Melbourne

Everybody loves our Murphy. He is so chilled out and easy going. Always keen to put his big fluffly head on your shoulder for a cuddle, he warms even the coldest heart. Mostly people who meet him, would really love to take him home.

I have been riding Murphy regularly through the bush, along trails and out and about and he never gives me any grief. He is a very keen walker, but not so keen at bolting or galloping, which is just great for the trails. He is happy to just cruise along with anyone big or small on his back, and he will take you anywhere without hesitation. Be it a road, track, or cutting straight through the bush, he always seems cruisy and comfortable.

He is so reliable, that I had no hesitation at all, putting little ones on him at the Collingwood Childrens' Farm when we did a fund raiser there.
He is my riding donkey, and the one I would like to share with others on our magical forested adventures.

Find out more about him on Our Geldings page.

The photograph here was taken by Steve Tanner and is courtesy of News Corp Australia. Murphy was our poster boy for the Yarra Ranges Donkey Festival
Linda and Trail Ride Donkey Murphy