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The Donkey Shop - Iron Brook Donkeys FAQs

How long can donkeys live for?

It is very common for donkeys to live for over 30 years. With a life of good care and management, they should live for over 40 years, and can live for as many as 50 years. Therefore it is always good to have a plan for what will happen to your donkeys should they outlive you, or if you are unable to care for them any more.

How do I know the weight of my donkey?

If you cannot weigh your donkey on scales, there is a formula for calculating donkey weight by measurement. Measure the girth with measuring tape, and then measure the length of your donkey from the front (centre) or the chest to the base of the tail. Then use those measurements in the formula:
Girth Squared (cm) x Body Length (cm) divided by 11,877

How often should I worm my donkey? (actually we are de-worming)

Donkeys should be wormed every 6 to 12 weeks depending on stocking rate, season of the year and size of their paddock. It is a good idea to worm all of your donkeys on the same day. Clear paddocks of manure as often as possible and rotate paddocks if you can. Salt licks are also beneficial in assisting with worm control, in conjunction with the above. If you would rather not use wormer consistently like this, you can worm by egg count. This is actually the best way to deworm your donkeys as it avoids the development of chemical resistant worm strains. To worm by this method you must regularly send samples of the donkey's faeces for a faecal worm egg count, and them worm according to the results found.

At what age can I geld my jack foal?

Generally we geld our jack foals prior to weaning. We wean our foals at 6 months of age, so they are weaned prior to that. Usually this would be a few weeks prior, however, we have done them earlier with great success. Both testicles need to have dropped prior to gelding. I have previously held off weaning for a late maturing donkey, and we have also gelded an early maturing foal at 4 months. This early gelding went very well, as his testicles were very small and easy to remove - a very small incision was required and he recovered quickly. Gelding your foal prior to weaning means that he still has his mother for comfort and reassurance. Following his mother around keeps him moving and assists in healing. We recommend gelding all male foals prior to weaning unless they are of the highest standard and intended to be used for breeding.

How should I look after a white donkey?

Two of my donkeys have a white nose with pink pigmented skin. They are vulnerable to sunburn, so in the warmer weather, on sunny days they wear a fly veil with a nose. Alternatively I use filter-back cream on their nose which is like a thick sunscreen. I know some other people use sunscreen for humans. but I have found the filterbac to be good, so I have kept using it. If yours have a totally white face with pink pigmented skin, then also watch their eyes for any sun damage or trouble. The fly veils would be a better option in this case.