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Murphys Magical Donkey Rides - Yarra Ranges Melbourne

I go riding through the bush on our Murphy on a regular basis, and it is just beautiful. I see the country from a different perspective, and I sigh as I take it all in. As I ride along, looking at the thick Australian bush and all of the tiny things it has to offer throughout the seasons.Tiny wildflowers, honeyeaters flitting among the undergrowth, big black cockatoos squalking and dropping branches on the scuttleing creatures below. I take a deep breath and I smile, and let myself sink a little deeper into my imagination to the chorus of bird calls and the rythmic clompity-clomp of his hooves. The dusty dirt road curves and winds ahead of us, exposing new visions of tree ferns and moss covered logs and I think to myself, that I could be in any era, any time, and this would feel the same. No rush, no screens, no digital sounds, just the breeze of nauture and the clompity-clomp. I want to share this feeling with others, and let them feel how wonderful it is to move through this country on a brown fluffy donkey, and that has created - Murphy's Magical Donkey rides.