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Iron Brook Donkeys

Bred for temperement, Trained with Love

At Iron Brook we breed donkeys with a gentle nature and kind temperament. They are handled and caressed from birth, and trained with thought, consideration and love.

We breed a range of donkeys here from top quality 100% AMMD miniatures, to small standard and standard donkeys. We only produce a few foals each year so that we are able to give each animal the time, patience and care that it needs.

When you buy a donkey from Iron Brook, we ask you what you want from your donkey, and what type of relationship you are hoping for. We then aim to find a donkey suitable for your purpose, even if this means recommending you to another breeder.

If you purchase one of our foals, they stay with us until they are weaned at 6 months old. During this time they go through extensive training. All foals are taught to lead, and float and have their feet trimmed. They are all exposed to walking down the main street and going over bridges, laneways and along busy weekend pavements. They are all taught to go over our obstacle course, and are exposed to numerous other animals and environments in our desensitization programme.

On top of this we will also tailor the training to your specific requirements. Iron Brook Fiesta is to be used in nursing homes in the future, so while she was with us she went in and out of buildings and up stairs and ramps and has had additional desensitization to unusual things including wheels and crutches.

Iron Brook Tango is to be a pack saddle donkey for a family who do extensive bush walking. He has had his training tailored to suit this, including exposure to steep terrain and water.

All of our foals are wormed, vet checked, microchipped and registered with ADMS.

All of our jack foals are gelded prior to weaning which has shown to boost recovery as they suckle from their mothers after the operation giving comfort as well as nutrition, and they bounce back quickly when they are so young.

We encourage you to visit and interact with your foal while she is still here with her mother. This encourages your bond with the foal from the beginning, by making the most of foal imprinting. Your foal will recognise you and will acknowledge that you been a part of her family from the begining. This also means that you get to experience some of that delightful spring, fluff and bounce that the little ones have in that first six months.

After you take your little one home, we are always happy to help with any questions you may have. We will give you advice where we can and make referrals if we can't.
Our aim is that our donkeys will have long and happy, loving lives with their new families. Training, education, handling and care is a step towards ensuring the longevity of this relationship.