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Iron Brook Donkeys - Our Foals

Iron Brook Piccolo

Piccolo is our little super star. He is the most unique and beautiful colour pattern, including almost every colour in the donkey coat colour spectrum. It is quite amazing to think he came out of a very black Jenny (Iron Brook Sable). He won two blue ribbons at the Yarra Ranges Donkey Festival, one for best foal, and one for best spotted.

He also did amazingly at the obstacle course. There was one high jump which most of the donkeys refused as it was quite tall. Even the big donkeys baulked at it, but not our Piccolo who glided over it with room to spare. During his time here as a foal, all of his training was steered towards being a cart donkey, and he has therefore been long reigned through, over and around a diversity of obstacles.

At the 2016 National Donkey Show in Young, Piccolo won 3rd for part bred miniature, and 1st Prize for the Standard Jump. To receive this blue ribbon Piccolo jumped cleanly over jumps which the much bigger donkeys had refused. The crowd cheered for him and we smiled. We are so proud of him.

Piccolo is a cheeky little fella who loves having a job to do. He is always keen to negotiate our next journey.

Iron Brook Fiesta

Fiesta was born early on the morning of the Yarra Ranges Donkey Festival which is where she gets her name. She is like a little replica of her mother (Mouse - Grawood Sugar Baby), in colour, conformation and temperament. A lovely shaped little grey donkey with reddish highlights on her face and ears. On her first day Fiesta was photographed with our dog Sudo by the Herald Sun. The resulting pictures are everso cute and have been used on their page three, and also by Bing as a screen saver.

Fiesta's new owner plans to use her in nursing homes and the like, and so during her 6 months here Fiesta was given plenty of experience going in and out of buildings, up and down stairs and ramps, over bridges and around unusual distractions like walking frames and wheel chairs. She came out onplenty of adventures down the main street where she would be surrounded by people for cuddles. She also did well at our obstacle course, leaping happily over jumps, tyres, and anything else we may put in her way.

Iron Brook Tango

Tango is our first foal from Ruby. He is strong, energetic and yet gentle and lovable. He has a lovely short brown coat like his mum. The family who were waiting for Tango to be born are looking for a donkey to use for pack saddling. They regularly go on extensive bush walks all over the country, and were looking for a donkey to carry their pack and join them on their adventures.

We had two foals born within 12 hours of eachother, but we all knew instantly which one was going to be right for this family, and it is Tango. During his training here Tango is being taught to go up and down steep slopes, through the bush and over creek crossings. He is going very well so far and is looking to be perfect for his new family who have been visiting him regularly during these early learning stages. Tango is confident and inquisitive, with a warm and gentle heart.

Iron Brook Paris

Our sweet Paris was born from our black Jenny, Sable. Paris is a dark smokey grey brown colour and very snuggley. She is very soft and gentle in the paddock, but is surprisingly confident when she comes out on her trail walks. She pumps along at a suprising rate for her little legs and rarely hesitates when we attempt a new obstacle.

Paris was born just 12 hours after Tango (who was born to Ruby) and therefore they are growing up to be lovely playmates. It has been delightful watching them discover the world together. Paris is destined for a cuddly life with a lovely family, where she has an older donkey friend awaiting her arrival in Pierre.

Iron Brook Char


Iron Brook Apollo