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Iron Brook Donkeys - Our Jacks

We have only one Jack, and our Jack is "Banjo" otherwise known as "Poplargrove Moonbeam". We looked at donkeys and jacks for about 2 years before selecting Banjo. He is adorable and we are not in the slightest bit interested in "upgrading" our Jack as we are so very happy with him.

As most of our miniatures go to homes where they are being handled and cuddled by children, we believe that temperament is of the highest priority, and this is where Banjo is an absolute winner. He is the most gentle Jack. He is the one who we take down main street every year for the ANZAC parade where he marches at the even pace of the parade and stands still throughout the service, this year even pressing his head into my thigh during the minute's silence and Last Post. He is then mobbed by children and families who jump all around him and pat and touch him all over. This year he stood indoors for over three hours in a retirement village for a special additional ANZAC service. He is often called upon by our local CFA and other community groups to come down and take part in various community celebrations. He is always very patient and gentle with the crowds. Banjo has passed his loving kind nature into every one of his lovely foals, and this, for us, is paramount and invaluable.

Banjo also has great conformation, and spotted genetics (producing the delightfully marked Piccolo - see our foals page). Banjo is 7/8ths AMMD, 32" tall at mature height, and has a substantial proportion of Taranganba Stud in his breeding. I have found that very often when I look at a donkey who's shape and proportion stands out to me as special, I look, and then find Taranganba in their breeding. They did breed very beautiful well formed donkeys, and those genetics are still producing wonderful donkeys today, and Banjo is one of those. We are happy to forward on a copy of his pedigree on request.