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Our Geldings - Iron Brook Donkeys

Our Murphy is big, fluffy and adorable. He is only about 13 hands high, but he is the big daddy in our paddock, as most of our others are miniatures. All of our jennies adore Murphy and are most put out if they don't get to be in his paddock. He looks after the girls and has been known to chase away any threats, including wild dogs, but to everyone else he is a big loving teddy bear.

We are pretty sure that Murphy is a part-bred Poitou. He has a very thick woolly coat which dreads easily if not brushed very regularly. His body shape, head shape, hair colour and type, and his temperament are all very Poitou. The lady who sold him to us also had the same suspicions, but neither of us have been able to track down the rest of his family. We would love to hear from anyone else who believes they may have any of Murphy's relatives. (He is Modra Murphy) He is a really special guy. See more about him on our trail rides page