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Donkeys - Business As Usual

An easy to read easy to follow guide on all aspects of keeping happy healthy donkeys. A long awaited, much needed book written by Donkey Master - Christine E Berry (OAM)

The Donkey Companion

The Donkey Companion by Sue Weaver is jam packed with a diversity of fantastic information about donkeys, from care, training and breeding, to in depth information about different donkey breeds and donkey history. Much recommended.

Storeys Guide to Raising Miniature Livestock

An excellent, reliable resource on raising all types of miniature livestock for all of their charm and attributes. Contains a chapter on mini donkeys and mules, as well as lots of other interesting and valuable information about raising miniatures overall.

The Pony That Did Not Die

Healing laminitis with barefoot rehabilitation. A very extensive book on hooves and hoofcare. this book is highly recommended for anyone wanting to know more about equine hoof care.

DVD Maintenance Trimming - Barefoot Blacksmith SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT This DVD teaches basic maintenance trimming for horse (equine) owners - a simple and effective way to mimic the trimming regime that horses (and donkeys) evolved with and are best suited to.
(5 items) 1 page