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Donkey Rugs - Heavy Duty

RUGS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Due to manufacturer not making them any more. Very sturdy rip-stop canvas donkey rugs. Local and durable. Get ready for the chilly winter ahead. These rugs are especially made for The Donkey Shop to suit the donkey shape. All materials and styling have been selected to make the best rugs to suit donkeys we could imagine.

Product details

Rip-stop canvas outer. Woolen lining, Satin shoulder inlay to prevent rubbing (although this rug should fit so well that it shouldn't rub).
Strong PVC leg straps with plenty of adjustment.
These rugs have been made with a smaller neck hole in relation to body size to lift the front of the rug up to a more comfortable position for your donkey. The drop of the rug is also shorter in relation to body length, which is also more suitable for their body shape. These Rugs are modelled by IronBrook Piccolo and Grawood Sugar Baby. Yes, if you are wondering, Sugar baby is pregnant in this photo. These can be ordered with either a long or short tail flap. Other adjustments can be made on request. Please contact us in regards to advice for size, as they are made to order. The donkeys pictured are miniature, but larger ones can be made.