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The Pony That Did Not Die

Healing laminitis with barefoot rehabilitation. A very extensive book on hooves and hoofcare. this book is highly recommended for anyone wanting to know more about equine hoof care.

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This book explains hooves and hoof care in a very detailed, but easy to understand manner, with practical instructions to follow.
The photos are brilliant and clear and precisely illustrate the topic.
I know that this book says "pony" in the title, and yes, it is a study of horses hooves, there is still much to offer the owner of any equine. There is much information in this book which you will find beneficial in also learning about donkey hooves. Whether you trim your equines feet yourself, or maybe you just want to understand more about what your farrier does, and also, very importantly, how diet effects hooves, then you will find much to appreciate in this book. Well worth the money spent.

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